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Sandra Dahl
6 min readJun 13, 2022

I would like to share my current planning system. I do share monthly and weekly planning videos on my YouTube channel at, so if you want to check those out, I have a huge playlist.

So my very first experience (if you can call it that) with Franklin Planner was reading a series of books in 2011 by Karen Marie Morning. In it, the protagonist’s sister, Alaina was a Franklin Planner user. The way Karen Marie Moving described all the planner goodness, I got all giddy and excited to try and find this brand. Unfortunately, it was available only in the states and I did not have the money at the time to purchase one. I was also into really pretty, girly planners so needless to say, it took awhile before I came back to the brand.

Last year, 2021 I came across a channel on YouTube, BuySellPlan (otherwise known as Marcia). You can check out her channel here: She had been using Franklin planner for a number of years, however, she is a realtor, so she uses her planner a little bit differently than I do. Regardless, she is the first person that I came across on Youtube that uses the Franklin Covey system. So, I started following and soon enough found a whole community in my niche.

I was soon set up with my own Franklin Planner. My very first binder was the Teresa Collins collab with Franklin Covey; the Beautiful Life Collection binder in blush.

I have always been someone who gets bored really quickly with the same thing day after day, so the adaptability of this planner is quite lovely. You can change the rings (this does void the warranty of the binder). You can also add any number of inserts, as long as you can create it in half letter size which is what the classic Franklin Planner takes. It’s quite simple to cut a US-sized sheet in half to create half-letter, so it’s really easy to print inserts yourself if you like to customize.

I personally like to try a variety of different inserts from shops on Etsy and stand-alone websites. Since I have a small business, I understand how hard it is to get started so I like to support other small business owners as well.

This is the Franklin Covey Golden Aspen Binder. I like to coordinate my planner inserts and



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